Blue Yeti Review – Streamers’ Holy Grail

Looking to kickstart your youtube or streaming career? In addition to interesting content and flawless commentary, you must remeber that your audio is a crucial part of successful videos. Luckily, nowadays you can have a great mic for a decent price. Blue Yeti is a great example of a high quality product that comes for reasonable price and is a perfect choice for streaming or podcasting, especially if you’re just starting out, and don’t want to spend too much money.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review

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Blue Yeti is one of the most popular mics on the market when it comes to streaming, podcasting or general youtube use and it’s not without the reason. This device combines high quality build, good recording sound, and connects to your computer via USB. Inside the box, in addition to the microphone itself, you’ll find a USB cable allowing you to connect your mic directly to your computer. What’s important, the cable is pretty long you shouldn’t have problems with placing your mic anywhere you need without moving your computer.

Another thing that’s inside the box is the stand for your device. It’s made of metal and feels really sturdy and solid, which definitely is a plus, as cheaper mics tends to cheap out on accessories included. Last thing that’s inside the box is documentation.

Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, there’s pretty much nothing you can complain about especially if you take the price of this device into consideration. The microphone’s body and grill is metal, and feels solid. Included stand also feels really sturdy and is well-made.


blue yeti microphone sideThe bottom of the mic features stand mount, usb port and headphone port for direct monitoring.
On the front you’ll find a headphone volume knob that allows you to set desired level of your headphones monitoring volumme. Above that you’ll find a mute button, which is a perfect feature for game streamers as it allows you to quickly mute your mic without using software.

On the back there are two knobs as well. First one is gain button that allows you to set the mic’s volume. Second one is a polar pattern selector which allows you to choose one out of four polar patters. In contrast to great quality of microphone’s body, knobs feel a little bit awkward and cheap but it’s nothing really serious that you should worry about.

Frequency response of this device is 20hz to 20 khz which is a standard, but every polar patter uses slightly different values.

  • stereo setting is great for vocals or instruments as it allows you to have an effect of width and space
  • carioid pattern is pretty much a standard setting for most of mics and it cuts off the signal that’s on the side or back of the microphone
  • omni directial pattern is perfect for conferences or interviews with more than 2 people as it records the signal from all around the mic
  • bi directional pattern is perfect for interviews as it records signal in front and back

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How Does It Sound?

Blue Yeti Review
  • Quality - 84%
  • Durability - 82%
  • Features - 94%
  • Sound - 82%


Blue Yeti is a great device for a great price. It has all the features that you possibly may want to have as a streamer or youtuber, and also it just sounds great. Four selectable cardioid patters will definitely be appreciated by podcasters as it allows you to have two or more people recorded easily and without a hussle. On the downside, knobs aren't the highest quality and feel a little bit cheap. Plus, it's USB only, but as it was designed mainly for youtube/podcasts it shouldn't be a problem.

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