MXL GENESIS Flagship Tube Condenser Microphone Review

There is a very popular and inaccurate stereotype that many Chinese microphones do not perform well. They are characterized as harsh sounding or excessively bright.

A case of an MXL GENESIS Studio Condenser microphone is different. While not being inexpensive, it certainly offers a good bang for the buck. It even outranks some of the microphones that come at a higher price.

If the quality of sound is important to you, an additional cost of this microphone should not represent a bigger problem.

This product offers great balance and polished sounding. It lacks in certain categories such as pad and high-pass filter switches, making it hard to compare with some pricier Genesis tube microphones. However, at this price, it is affordable to a wide range of users and still offers a quality sound and a certain character.

Our today’s review will help you realize the main features of this product and how it performs under certain circumstances as well as experiences of a typical customer of the product.

MXL GENESIS Flagship Tube Condenser Microphone Review

mxl genesis tube mic review

Main specifications of the product:

Here are the main specifications of this product. In the next sub-section, the focus will be put on explaining the important features, which will be followed with expressing some smaller limitations.

  • 20hHz to 20kHz
  • 32mm capsule
  • Wired with Mogami
  • Solid State Electronics
  • Low noise FET circuitry

Additional accessories that come with purchasing this microphone:

  • Custom made pop filter
  • Shock mount
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Wooden case

FeaturesMXL GENESIS Tube Test Sound review

MXL Genesis Condenser Microphone can handle even the loudest sources without any trouble. It is quieter than some other Genesis tube microphone, and definitely quieter considering the FET standards. This is not spectacular in any way, and self-noise should not represent an issue for users of this product.

This Genesis model has a 32mm large-diaphragm capsule that features a 6-micron gold diaphragm.

A lightweight feature is fantastic, as Genesis FET is a bit smaller and it uses lighter electronics. It weighs a little less than a pound.

What customers of MXL products are looking to read in this review is how this microphone performs with instruments and what kind of quality can be expected.

The great news is that it works with multiple instruments, and it provides a clear sound on all ends. The fidelity of recordings amazed the purchasers of this microphone who have confirmed the detailed and controlled sounds Genesis FET offers.

No microphone can excel at every task, but what Genesis FET does correctly is performing great on different sound sources such as guitar, piano, male and female vocalists, acoustic guitar and hand percussion.


The main limitation of the product is the missing pad switch. By using the loud sound sources, you will probably need to possess an inline pad.

Also, a lack of high-pass filter switch may represent a problem, and the solution lies in using a mic preamp that will eliminate subsonic gunks that can occur while recording.

Some customers have had complaints about internal reflections in the microphone’s basket, which can be modified by removing the inner grille layer. All modifications should be taken seriously as damaging the internal components can break the three-year warranty of the product.

MXL GENESIS Tube Test Sound


  • Quality - 91%
  • Durability - 88%
  • Features - 84%
  • Sound - 95%


By coming to an end of this review, you have probably made the informed decision about buying this product. MXL Genesis Studio condenser microphone lives up to the MXL Genesis reputation, and it provides true sound. It is capable of capturing tight lows, detailed midrange, and open sounding top end.

It’s an exquisite all-around choice as it does not offer any specific audible spectrum on any end, but it does provide a quality sound that will satisfy the needs of a huge audience.

This microphone is definitely worth considering if you are looking to purchase a FET vocal at a medium price range that can work for many instruments.

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