Neumann TLM 103 Review – Pick Up Every Little Sound

Neumann mics are the industry standard when it comes to exceptional and professional sound quality. If you have a home set-up with an adequately prepped room or if you want to record in the studio the Neumann TLM 103 will be a great choice. Below we review the features in greater detail to help you decide if this is the one for your recording needs.

What do you get in the Neumann TLM 103?

neuman tlm 103
Here is a quick look at the features

A cardioid pick-up pattern

Large diaphragm for capturing sounds accurately

Transformerless circuit for low self-noise

A low noise level of 7 dB-A

High sound pressure level (SPL) transmission – 138dB max


Bright – It produces exceptional crispness to the voice and the overall effect is bright
Low Self Noise – As the circuit does not have a transformer, there is no noise coming from inside your equipment.
Easy to use – You can forget EQ efforts as long as the recording room is acoustically adequate
Versatile –From singing to voice-overs to a host of acoustic instruments, the TLM 103 rocks in a wide variety of situations
Great price – You get a great brand and that too at a price that is a steal for its features and quality


Might Be Too bright – As it is very bright it can cause sibilance issues for certain types of voices. But this can be overcome by changing the position of the microphone slightly.

Best features

tlm 103 reviewCardioid polar pattern

Due to the cardioid pick-up pattern, unwanted sounds are eliminated and only your voice is amplified. It also ensures that there is no annoying feedback, especially if you have to use it for live situations.


The sound is picked up from the front and the head grille reduces pop sounds. On highs, the sound is really crisp and clear. It also has a good bottom end and the bass sound is clear too without any muddiness.


The capsule is well protected by a super sturdy wire mesh grille. Internally the components as a whole are mounted elastically to prevent movement noise.

What Does TLM Mean?

TLM stands for ‘transformerless microphone’ and so a circuit does the work of a transformer. As there is no transformer, the microphones own noise is very low. Due to this it picks up even the subtlest sounds making it perfect for singing.  It can also handle high sound pressure levels up to 138dB.


You can use the TLM 103 for a number of applications and despite being a condenser microphone it is very versatile. Below are the many situations that it can be used for.

Home recording


Professional studio recording


Rap Vocals


Acoustic instruments like drums and trumpet

Wind instruments like flute and trumpets

TLM 103 Sound Test


Neumann TLM 103 Review
  • Quality - 95%
  • Durability - 94%
  • Features - 90%
  • Sound - 94%


Don’t just pick up the TLM103 because it is a Neumann. Choose your recording instrument wisely depending on your specific needs. The TLM 103 is great for pure, crisp and clear voice output. However, it also does equally well with acoustic instruments giving you an all-rounder for both your home and studio recording requirements. We hope our review helps you decide if this great mic is the right one for you.

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