Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Package Review – A Great Value-for-Money Deal

The trend of “home” recording in a “home” studio setup kick-started with the availability of high quality mics and other recording equipment at affordable prices. Condenser mics were always more expensive than their dynamic counterparts and confined to studio recordings mainly. The condenser mics have a louder output and are very sensitive to loud sounds.

The Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Package is a great condenser mic, which has a good value-for-money deal. Because of its competent pricing and good quality, it is considered a great buy for all home recording purposes. It is a good piece of music gear to own for the home recording enthusiast.

The Rode NT1A Review

Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Package is an upgrade of the very popular Rode NT1. The revised NT1A comes with a premium shock mount, a pop filter, a microphone dust cover, and a cable. A DVD user manual is also included in the package which helps the user to put the mic to its maximum capacity and range.

Main Features

  • This mic comes with a large 1 inch capsule and a gold- plated diaphragm.Rode nt1-a review
  • It has a cardioid polar pattern.
  • Self-noise of only 5dB (A).
  • Ultra-low noise, transformerless surface mount circuitry.
  • Gold-plated output contacts.
  • Externally biased condenser.
  • Wide dynamic range.
  • The NT1A comes with an acoustic principle that is pressure gradient.
  • The frequency range is anywhere between 20Hz – 20kHz.

Pros of the Rode NT1A mic:

  • This cardioid mic from Rode is a large diaphragm condenser which is ideal for studio vocal recordings, because it ensures that the background noise levels are kept low.
  • It gives a deep and natural sound and effectively warms up any sound that is recorded.
  • The NT1A transducer has a wide frequency response and has a good signal-to-sound ratio.
  • The noise-free output along with a maximum signal efficiency is possible because of the transformerless surface mount circuitry.
  • The DVD instructor helps in putting the mic to its maximum capacity and versatility.
  • It is a very decent mic which gives a professional sound quality for a very budget-friendly price.
  • The Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Package is very easy-to-use and simple to setup and is a good buy for beginners.
  • The tonal quality is good, the build is reliable for any studio set-up and it has a good shock mount.

Cons of the Rode NT1A mic:

  • It requires a decent preamp to enhance its recording quality.
  • The NT1A needs to be placed well in your studio set-up to perform well. The mic is very sensitive and hence needs careful treatment.
  • The build quality is reliable but looks flimsy and light. A more solid build would have enhanced its quality.
  • This mic is average in terms of balanced clarity of vocals and background sounds.
  • The harmonics produced do not look very natural when compared to the other condenser mics at a slightly expensive price range.
Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Pack Review
  • Quality - 82%
  • Durability - 82%
  • Features - 94%
  • Sound - 91%


Most of the beginner musicians face an issue with the high pricing of recording equipment. The Rode NT1A Anniversary vocal package is the answer to the musicians’ quest for good quality home recording condenser mic that is the focus piece of a home studio setup.

The Rode NT1A mic is versatile enough to record vocals and instruments. It performs better with the vocals. The output quality is quite clean and clear and sounds pleasing and natural. Though this mic is not dull, it tends to be very bright at some frequencies. The mic is a versatile performer and has all the advantages of a larger diaphragm condenser mic with extended dynamic sounds.

It is a budget-friendly mic and performs with decent precision in a home recording setup.

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